• Dr. Trayaurus~A scientist
  • DanTDM ~ Likes diamonds, Resident, Co-scientist, Friend of Dr Trayaurus.
  • Grim ~ Dan's pet skeleton dog
  • McDuck ~ Occasionally seen in Dan's episodes.
  • Denton ~ Formerly; Dan fired Denton in his first appearance. Denton seemingly might have died when he tried to rob the crown jewels.
  • Finn the Elf ~ Formerly, In 2014 Dr. Trayaurus' Christmas Countdown. Died when Dan blew him up with DanTDM's diamonds.
  • Ralph the Piggycorn ~ (Status unknown) (From The Derpy Shiz mod) Dr. Trayaurus gave it to Dan as a Christmas Present in Dr. Trayaurus' Christmas Countdown.
  • Craig the Mailman ~ He is occasionally seen in some of Dan's videos. He mostly appears when Dan is doing a Mod Showcase.
  • Terrence ~ A pig who is usually seen a few blocks away from the Lab.

Features of the lab

  • Main area ~ Where Dan, Trayaurus, and Grim are always usually seen hanging out at.
  • Entrance (Place Dan usually gets stuck in) ~ the place to enter the lab.
  • Trayaurus' Office ~ Another common area in the lab; this is where Trayaurus does his computer work.
  • Shelter ~ Only seen once; where Dr. T keeps his secret girlfriend and captive baby ducks.
  • Testing chamber ~ Another common area in the lab; this is where all the experiments are tested in. To begin his mod review, he is normally in the Testing Chamber. Dan however, usually goes outside most of the time to do a mod review.
  • Observation Deck ~ Rarely used, Dr. T always used this in earlier mod showcases to view Dan's mods. They never go into this deck any more though and is probably not in shape for it. There is a door leading to it in Dr. T's office.
  • Portal ~ Used to go to the challenge Colosseum.
  • Treasure Room ~ Where Dan and company go to for storing all of the items they have obtained on their custom mod adventures
  • Trayaurus's Mum's House ~ In the Treasure room
  • Secret Mini Pig Farm ~ Seen in the Secret Rooms mod, it is where Trayaurus keeps his minipigs.
  • Seed- Brandon

The New Lab


Features of the lab

  • Main area
  • Entrance
  • Trayaurus' office
  • Testing chamber
  • Receptionist area
  • Natural environment chamber
  • Open field testing area
  • The Treasure Vault
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